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XLTS For AngularJS

Save your business critical time and money by continuing support through 2030.

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No one is better equipped to support your AngularJS applications.

Get long-term AngularJS support from developers who helped build it.

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The Benefits of Extended AngularJS Support

Avoid significant time and development cost investments by keeping your existing application up to date and functional until you’re ready to update or migrate (we’ll even help you make the switch). Per developer and enterprise licensing available.

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Active Support for Compliance

Ensure continued compliance with customer SLAs and have confidence that your application will pass security and compliance audits, even as new vulnerabilities and exposures arise.

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CVE and Stability Patches

Automatically protect your and your customers’ data from cyber-security vulnerabilities discovered now that Google's AngularJS support has ended.

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Browser Compatibility

Ensure that your applications work as expected on all of your users’ major browsers, even as updates and new versions are released.

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jQuery Compatibility

Know that you can keep up to date with jQuery security vulnerability patches without having to worry about compatibility issues with AngularJS.

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A Few of Our Customers

We’ve worked with companies across a variety of industries, from government and public sector to healthcare and higher education, to keep their AngularJS applications secure and functional.


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Finalize your agreement for a contract period of 1, 2, or 3+ years.


Set up your project

Install our version of AngularJS using npm install.


Receive periodic updates

Receive updates automatically or get notified of new releases via our mailing list.

Downloading our version of AngularJS is as easy as npm install

XLTS for AngularJS works great with

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According to the OWASP Top 10 from 2021, running applications that rely on unsupported software can put you and your users at risk of security vulnerabilities or downtime. XLTS.dev software support ensures that the open-source libraries and frameworks your applications depend on continue to function, even in the face of security weaknesses and breaking changes.

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Our customers are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars while maintaining and securing their AngularJS applications!

They get to choose which of their apps will get migrated and when.

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Does your team need help updating to AngularJS 1.8.x? Can we help you put an ngUpgrade plan in place to start your move to Angular? XLTS.dev consulting is ready to help! Our consulting teams have years of experience in updating AngularJS applications and migrating them to Angular, React, and other technologies.

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How We Can Help

Our AngularJS experts are here to help you identify the best path forward to support your AngularJS projects. Google's support for AngularJS has come to an end, effective December 31st, 2021. Make the move and keep your digital assets protected with XLTS for AngularJS.
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