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Meet Our Team

Industry-leading experts, here to support you

Our team members are from the Angular team, and are the same engineers that built and supported AngularJS over the last years. We've put together the ideal team to support your enterprise AngularJS users.

Aaron Frost profile photo

Aaron Frost


Aaron Frost is an WebRTC and Angular Google Developer Expert (GDE) and an Angular architect who consults for many companies across the globe. At XLTS.dev, Aaron is responsible for client and affiliate engagement, operations management, and strategic marketing. He leads strategic partner relationships and works with clients to ensure satisfaction.

Aaron is the founder of HeroDevs, co-creator of Scully, and co-founder of ng-conf (the largest US Angular conference), ngVegas, and RxJS.Live. On top of his professional accomplishments, Aaron is a dedicated husband and father of five.

George Kalpakas profile photo

George Kalpakas

AngularJS Expert

George is a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for chess, robotics, and automating stuff. He has a strong need to understand how things work. George has been a member of the Angular team since 2014. During this time he's been a core contributor to AngularJS and many parts of Angular including service worker and the infrastructure behind the Angular website.

When not doing geeky stuff, he can be found trying to convince his wife and kids to apply programming principles in real life. Our team appreciates George's ability to do the most in-depth and comprehensive code reviews we've ever seen.

Jaime Osbahr profile photo

Jaime Osbahr

Account Manager

Jaime is the mom of two boys and a girl. Jamie is an animal lover, especially French Bulldogs. She enjoys camping and traveling with her family.

Angela Roberts profile photo

Angela Roberts

Sales Processor

Angela has a photographic memory, an eye for detail, and has excelled in her professional roles quickly. She's worked for big companies like 1-800-Contacts and Mountain America Credit Union. She loves her role as a Sales Processor for XLTS.dev. It gives her the opportunity to help people from all over the world have the security and peace of mind that their applications are protected.

Angela has four kids and loves spending time with them more than anything else. She loves animals, especially her husky Millie, and going hiking and camping. Angela enjoys exploring new places, like Utah's famous red rock deserts and anywhere with lots of green.

Jeff Cross profile photo

Jeff Cross


Jeff Cross is a co-founder of Nrwl, a consulting, engineering, and training firm. He was previously the Tech Lead of the Angular Mobile team at Google, where he developed Angular Http and AngularFire2 modules and contributed to RxJS v5.

Jeff brings his 10+ years experience of leadership and Enterprise consulting to XLTS.dev with an advisory focus on Enterprise engagement and meeting the needs of the Angular community.